First words

My sun in (dark) Helsinki

For the last five months or so, I have been playing with game with Aren — I ask him “Aren is his mother’s…, what?” Then I reply “sun” (güneş) – and I press on the last letter, shshshshshshh… He always smiled to that sound. And now whenever I ask him the same question, he gives me that shhhshshshs sound. In such a way that melts my whole heart! He probably has no idea about the poetic substance of this conversation :), but still gets the emotion and sustains the dialogue. Ain’t that a good start?

PS 1:when I find some time, I will discover a practical way of posting audio files to these posts)

PS 2: I ran into this photo, which I took from our window exactly a year ago. Great view, no? The sea has not started freezing yet, so walking-on-the-frozen-Baltic-sea-fun has yet to start. In the meantime, any glimpse of the sun helps us cheer up a bit!


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