First words

Yo Tengo Una Casita – I have a House

We not only play this Spanish children’s song, Yo Tengo Una Casita, at least twice a day at home, we take it with us to a vacation. I am seeing day by day that songs and singing are primary tools in building a common language. Even though my voice is detrimental to the environment, I get to sing a lot these days!

Silvia taught Aren how to make particular movements with the songs. And he loves doing that. With “Yo Tengo Una Casita”, for example, he makes four distinct moves that we use in other contexts in everyday life. So the lyrics go as: 1) I have a house, which is like this (you make a house with your arms, first walls and then the roof), 2) from the chimney smoke comes like this (you make circles with your hand), 3) and when I went to enter, I knock like this (knock knock on anywhere possible), 4) I clean my shoes like this (legs go free).

Here is the video, sang by this amazing group Grupo Encanto:

Other songs that he loves moving with are Mi Carita Redondita, where he learned the parts the face; Un Elefante Se Balanceaba, they sing it with the picture of the elephant from the book; El Pollo Con Una Pata, where he makes the chicken sound and bounces like one; El Barquito Chiquitito, row the boat song, and of course with the classical Los Pollitos Dicen Pio Pio Pio, he moves his fingers like the mouth of a chick, makes “I am cold” move with his arms, and with his hands makes as if he is picking up something from the ground.

If you are interested in other Spanish songs that we listen over and over and build a language with, you can check my youtube playlist called “arenito spanish songs”.

Happy singing!


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