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In the mood for love and affection!

Nowadays Aren is exploring that his world is larger than the one that is formed by those of us he sees regularly, i.e. mummy, daddy and Silvia. And he is loving it! I read somewhere that these times around 18 months, children usually get through another period of separation anxiety. But no! I see Aren even more willing to be connected to others as well as us.

These days we melt away with moments when Aren approaches and gives a strong kiss – all of a sudden. He greets his daddy by running towards him and stinging to his legs, and takes him to his play corner. He greets Silvia dancing and turning around himself. He still waves his arms like he was a newborn, but now more to express joy and excitement. It is great to watch him using his body to express how he is happy and excited.

And it is not only us that he loves anymore!

Below, I put pictures from a photo album that I did to remind him of the people he talks through skype, his friends, and the animals he learns these days. He enjoys browsing through the pictures, pointing at the people, and waiting for us to name them. And recently we changed roles; we ask him to show us granddaddy for example, and he finds his picture (actually there are two of them) and points at him. When he sees the cow’s picture, he starts to moouvvvv. And kisses whenever he sees the cat’s picture (I particularly put the illustrations of the animals from his favourite book, which he tore down bits by bits and cutting the animal pictures was my way of saving the book:), rather than real animal pictures, to help him broaden his imagination.) And he makes “come come” move with his hand to the people. Well he does it to the cats and dogs that he sees either in pictures or in real!

Having seen the bursting of emotions, I have started to teach him some sign language to express his emotions. I make happy, sad, surprised and angry faces. First time he took it very seriously when I made the angry look, put his head down and wore a guilty guy’s expression. Now he got over it 🙂 He loved the surprised one, found it very funny. He always says something when I do the sad face, explaining something that I am so curious to know about. He likes the happy face and smiles back but whenever I ask, “Aren are you happy?” he chooses the angry face – putting his index fingers on his head to make the angry face with crossed eyebrows. Hah!

Here are the pictures. No connections with the people and the animals! 🙂

WP_20150114_10_33_52_Pro WP_20150114_10_34_27_Pro WP_20150114_10_35_06_Pro WP_20150114_10_35_48_Pro

WP_20150114_10_34_10_Pro WP_20150114_10_35_25_Pro


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