First words / Language and development

Aqui aqui aqui – No no no

Some child developmentalists say that children like boundaries, both to explore, obey and disobey them. That is their way of grasping the world around them. Therefore it is not only safe but also necessary to establish boundaries, teach children about them and help them to continue exploring, having fun, and building their own world within those boundaries.

Recently Aren switched to a Finnish public daycare; out of chance we have been assigned to a daycare right next to our apartment. It takes us only 3 min – literally 3 min – to get there. And the bonus is that the playground they usually go to can be seen from our window! That is if I was an obsessed mother, I would be able to watch him one hour of his total 3,5 hours there. Not that we haven’t looked at him, but not obsessively 😉 I very much like how the playgrounds embody that idea I mentioned at the beginning – there are clear boundaries within the playground. And the kids are free to do whatever they would like to there. Also, the teachers do not always run after and guide their activities, they help whenever is needed but neither they control nor they excessively comfort them all the time.

If there is one word that articulate our attempts at boundary setting, it is probably “NO”. A clear “no” says more than we would like to say. (Of course not excessively, and provided by what is possible, what is “YES”). Nowadays, Aren is reflecting his understanding of no – nu nu nu.

In this video, you can see how Silvia thought him to put things in their proper place. It started with the dirty diaper. She put it at different places, asking “aqui?” (here), and she said “no no no” , then this continued till they found the correct place. Now, Aren says “no’s” – he thinks what belongs where. And it is so fun to watch him tell us that. Enjoy!


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