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Some important things about life: Joy of dance

Today, we went to our regular Toddler-parent dance class at Tanssiopisto. The dance class is really fun. Aren was shy at the beginning, clang to me all the time and did not want to move and just observed. The second time, the same. The teacher, who is a great young woman with pinkish-reddish-orangish hair, assured me that it would be ok, he was not terrified after all. And, starting with the third time, he is started to enjoy it. Now that he has completed his observations, he participates wholeheartedly.

We start our 45 min session with a circle dance. Then we run, jump, crawl, fly, carry our children like a lobster, tip-toe-walk, run like a horse, and walk hand in hand like “elephants”. It is quite active for me too, there is no sitting back and simply clapping at all! Time flies so quickly!

I am not a fan of rushing kids from one class to another. I like to keep our time open and reduce time-based stress as much as possible. However Aren has been so much into dancing that I had him registered to this class for us to have some structured and fixed time for dancing. The added benefits are the language; a) it is in Finnish, both of us get to practice, b) he is learning how to do a collective activity, c) potential socialization for both of us, d) a nice way to kick-off the week and the weekends are still free.

I have always loved dancing, it is freeing, cheerful, and meditative. I love it that my son also likes it and hope it goes on like that.

So after a fun class and a roundtrip that involved bus and metro ride, here is Aren, back home full of things to tell.  No need to explain further, just watch and enjoy this video.

Wish you a dance-ful week!

PS: Yes I am a fan of the movie Billy Elliot 🙂

billyelliot02 Billy-Elliot-DI-2


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