29 months: Vocabulary

For recording purposes, I would like to list Aren’s most up-to-date spoken vocabulary:

First ever full sentence:

Ben pilav (shaking head as “no”) – I don’t want rice. (Note that his second correct word after dad was rice 🙂 )


Ben (I)

Baba (dad)

Nenni /anne/ (mummy)

Pilav (rice)

Aaba /araba/ (car)

gule gule (bye bye)

duu /sut/ (milk)

me /metro/ (metro)

pil (battery)

giyaa /kitap/ (book)

vavava (baby)

tay /cay/ (tea)

ba /lamba/ (lamp)

miyav (for cat)

havhav (for dog)

moo (for cow)

ala /hala/ (aunt)

dede (granddaddy)

yag (butter)

puu /zeytin/ (olive)

nay /nar/ (pomegranate)


Agua (water)

Patos /zapatos/ (shoes)

Mas (more)

Balloni (ball)

buu /autobus/ (autobus)

adios (good bye)

pez /pescado/ (fish)

Pan (bread)

Aqui (here)


Bien (good)


Pallo (ball)

Kiitos (Thanks)

tuo (that)

kala (fish)

moi (hi)

adi /äiti/ (mum)

täällä (here)

mun /minun/ (my)


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