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A slow morning with dirt and chatting

This morning we all got up very well-rested. We played a bit in bed, had a lavish breakfast (bread, cheese, olives, coconut oil and honey), and went out.

Last August we moved to our new house in Helsinki. Now we have a bit more space and a nice backyard! We were living in an apartment for two years, which we liked a lot because it was so central, but now we are more and more enjoying the fact that we have a garden. It means we can be out in the nature more, and on lazy days, instead of being stuck in a house with an energetic toddler, I just let Aren play outside by himself and enjoy my tea in my warm house!

And this morning, I realised other good sides of having a garden. Working with earth, putting our hands in dirt, watching squirrels move from one tree to another, planting flowers, searching out for worms, all are calming and bonding activities with the kids. I had read a lot about the benefits of it, but experiencing is something else! While I was planting some flowers to our empty garden, Aren was keeping himself busy. He worked  with his own shovel, ran back and forth to find food for the squirrels, and threw the fallen leaves up into the air. Then we sat and pretended we were playing with a sandbox. It was similarly fun, so I actually decided not to get the real one! We also dug the soil to find worms because that’s the boy’s favourite activity after our fishing adventure.


I sincerely did not realize how time flew away while doing these. What was also amazing that we chatted a lot, Aren had a lot to tell, as if he was attending a dormitory school and telling me all about his week (yes I have secret desires of sending him to a dormitory school at some point 😉 ). We also reviewed some of the vocabulary, saying all three names – Finnish, Turkish, Spanish – of the things around us. Yet, it was still more of a natural, causal conversation than anything else.

Next time, I am going to make some mud for us! Yaayyy! I remember those days we were playing with mud with the kids in our neighbourhood, and I still feel the fun. That means we will chat more, connect more, and be in peace more.

Wish you a calm, dirt-y and chatty day!



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